about me ⬇️
I'm Tom. I live in London. I'm an Engineering Lead.
I love music and sport. I play the drums and guitar, regularly jamming with friends. I do lots of different sports: water sports like kite surfing, surfing, wake-boarding and swimming, and other sports like football (i'm a gooner), squash and table tennis. I also love yoga and meditation.
Here is where I write about Tech stuff and you can find my side projects.
work ⬇️
I like to work in:
I enjoy hard technical challenges and their intersection with Product-thinking, Systems-thinking and broader business and management strategy. Great things happens when teams are trusted and empowered to build good quality products, experiment and learn. Any sufficiently hard problem requires a culture of learning and exploration, and businesses should be working on problems that are hard to solve.
projects ⬇️
I have been working on http4r, an open source Rust web client/server as a function
I have done some writing about things in Tech. You can find a longer exploration of what I value there, by exploring the agile manifesto.