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We often think about preparing for job interviews so that we as candidates come across as well as we can. But we rarely think of the best questions that we can ask employers. I have been on the hiring side far more often than not, and in my experience it has been rare to be grilled on my team or company or culture. This is a shame! We should strive for an honest conversation about whether this is the right role for people on both sides of the table. People don't want to work somewhere they don't enjoy, and employers should not want to hire people who will quickly leave when they figure out it's not what they expected.
list of questions ⬇️
So I will lay out a list of questions that I think are good for candidates to ask potential employers. You need to figure out what you care about most and pick the questions you want to ask in order of their importance to you. If not all of them are adequately answered in the interview, follow up with an email and ask the company to add more detail, or ask to speak to someone on the team you will join. If they do not know what team you will join, this is a sign that hiring is not entirely joined up with Engineering.
Each question will have a sub-section that explains the thinking behind it and what a good and bad answer to the question might look like from the interviewer.
questions ⬇️
1. How do you know that your teams are performing well?
2. Why will you beat the competition? Or if you fail, why will that be?
3. How do you reward people fairly?
Further reading
interviews should be trying to get the best out of you, not arbitrary hoops to jump through. this also means its about providing you with a comfortable environment, the kind of assessment that you enjoy, pairing with you through the assessment, getting your feedback at the end so that they can adjust for your experience of the interview